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Screenplays | 2016


Fried Catfish

Inda Craig-Galván

Screenplay Synopsis:
Veronica, a restaurant micro-manager, just wanted a way to keep her still-needy ex occupied. But when the "catfish" she creates for him gets too cozy and threatens to replace Veronica completely, Veronica must face that for her scheme to succeed, it might mean missing out on the love of her life.

Writer's Bio:
Inda Craig-Galván is a playwright and screenwriter living in Los Angeles. Screenplays: ARE THEY DEAD YET? (Urbanworld 2015 Finalist), LAKE MINNETONKA. Plays: BLACK SUPER HERO MAGIC MAMA (Jane Chambers Playwriting Award; Skylight Theatre INKubator Reading Series, Los Angeles), WELCOME TO MATTESON! (Oregon Shakespeare Festival Black Swan New Play Lab), BLAXPLOITATION: THE REMIX (MPAACT Theatre Company, Chicago, head writer), I GO SOMEWHERE ELSE (Humanitas Award/CTG semi-finalist), THE BOY WHO CRIED DRAGON (published by YouthPLAYS).

The Turnpike

Keith Josef Adkins

Screenplay Synopsis:
Simpson College is known for its ivy-covered education. Emma Langston is known as one of its brightest students despite her attitude. Yet things quickly unravel for Emma when her best friend goes missing the same day she ends an affair with her Lit professor. To make matters worse, her boyfriend dumps her. However, in an effort to fix it, Emma agrees to help her boyfriend who's stranded on a nearby turnpike in the middle of the night, so he says. What Emma doest expect is she has stumbled into the terrain of a serial killer and must fight for her life.

Writer's Bio:
Keith Josef Adkins is a screenwriter and playwright. In TV and film, he’s developed a TV pilot with KingSize Productions (Good Wife, Brain Dead) and is currently writing a feature film for James Franco’s production company Rabbit Bandini. Keith’s sci-fi webseries pilot, The Abandon, was launched a few years ago and he has now written the film version titled The First. Keith is also a playwright and his plays have been produced Off-Broadway and regionally.

Generational Curses

Kenya Branch

Screenplay Synopsis:
After losing two women he loves, Vietnam war veteran Honor turns to alcohol to numb the pain and refuses all offers of help. During a routine trip to the liquor store, he witnesses the beating of prostitute Mahal and intervenes to save her life. An unlikely friendship develops between the two. As Honor and Mahal struggle to heal past wounds, they uncover a long-buried secret linking them in ways they never could have imagined.

Writer's Bio:
Kenya Branch is a screenwriter-producer who has been writing and producing for over twenty-five years. His screenplays are usually faith-based and depict people of diverse ethnicities finding common ground and even love. His short films and screenplays have been selected or have been finalists in festivals and competitions like Attic Film, International Christian Film Festival, Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays, Colorado International Film Festival and Chicago Screenplay Contest.

Take the L

Kim Washington

Screenplay Synopsis:
Underwhelmed by suburban life, a twenty-year young genius-without-a-cause (Kai) moves to the Bay to join a social media company where micro-aggressions are everyday life for her and her female colleagues. But Kai is a black queer woman, so she’s not new to the game; she’s just tired of playing it. She eventually finds refuge in the charming company of Zoe, a young artist struggling to escape poverty, but as pressures to succeed test the fragile boundaries of young love, Kai and Zoe will both have to learn when its time to take the L.


Writer's Bio:
Kim Washington is an emerging screenwriter, actor and dancer who left her decade-long international development career in 2015 to pursue her passion for filmmaking. "Take the L" is Kim’s first feature length screenplay, which she envisions to be the premier installment of a series that explores the love stories and friendships between women. Her ultimate vision is to create engaging films that reflect the voices and spirit of marginalized people around the world.