Anatomy of a Dress


ANATOMY OF A DRESS is a documentary that presents the passion, the talents, the history, the struggles and triumphs of the most renowned fashion designers in Puerto Rico. It also takes us through the history of manual garment industry in Puerto Rico and how it marked our lives, culture and traditions forever. A touching view of the beginning of the exploitation in this labor industry and how it was the only means of survival for many families. This history has served as the basis for what we have today as a fashion industry and the hopes of a better future and a spot for our designers in the world.

Cast & Crew

Director: Flora Pérez-Garay

Nono Maldonado
Antonio Martorell
Edmundo Castillo
Sonia Rivera
Ruben Dario
Stella Nolasco
David Antonio
Harry Robles
Vilma Martinez
Jaer Caban