72 Hours: A Brooklyn Love Story?


Caesar Winslow, 18, is the charismatic leader of his crew. Unlike his friends, he has a chance to leave Brooklyn and attend a prestigious university. But he's got big problems. His girlfriend dumped him, and guys in the neighborhood are already lining up to take his crown. Torn by his desire to experience a new world and fear of leaving the only world he's ever known, Caesar has 72 hours to steel himself.

Cast & Crew

Director: Raafi Rivero
Writer: Raafi Rivero (Based on a short film by Bilal N'dongo)
Producers: Vincent Harris and Stephanie Williams
Cinematographer: Shawn Peters

Principal Cast: 
Melvin Mogoli
Andrea Rachel
Erinn Westbrook
Bilal N'dongo
David Shaw
Enrique Andreas