A Silent Night


Rosie discovers her husband has been unfaithful. Her life quickly spirals out of control leaving her emotions in turmoil as she leaves her marital home, taking her two small children, Kieran and Kyla with her. The siblings are propelled into a life of poverty as their mother adjusts to life as a single parent. Rosie enters a world of uncertainty and hardship in an unforgiving Inner-City London. In these heartbreaking final scenes, the film reveals what it really means to become a victim of your own circumstances.

Cast & Crew

Director: Gino Ricardo Green
Writer: Gino Ricardo Green

Gino Ricardo Green (Executive)
Noir Paris LA (Executive)
Heather Basten (Co-Producer)
Daniel Bailey (Co-Producer) 
Black Apron Entertainment Ltd, Jeremy Zimmermann (Casting Dir.)

Cinematographer: Glen Matthews

Principal Cast:
Cat Simmons
Jeffery Kissoon
Joshua Vaughan
Ella Cadby
Jay Sentrosi
Denese Ricketts