When Kiona, a Native cop, is torn between her desire to be a mom and being a good cop after suffering another miscarriage, her mother tells her that Kiona’s body knows the choice she made but the Great Spirit will bless her with a baby, but not until she’s ready. Kiona lies and says she doesn’t want to be a mom. KT, is a young girl running from her criminal boyfriend, with his thugs hot on her heels. When she arrives at Kiona’s with evidence and a request, both Kiona’s maternal and professional skills kick in to save her family.

Cast & Crew

Director: Jennifer Derwingson
Writer: Stacey Parshall Jensen
Producer: John Hermann
Cinematographer: John Orphan

Principal Cast: 
DeLanna Studi
Daniella Garcia
Julia Vera
Reginald Vaughn Watkins
Ken Lally
Aleksandr Sountsov
Ryan Barry Michaels
Elizabeth Frances
Time Winter