Peace The Policy


One afternoon, Keith awaits his cousin, Keagan, who is late as usual to go play basketball. During the ride, the two jokingly roast one another and discuss sneaker releases. Suddenly, they are startled by a honk from an impatient driver who decides to drive past them, nearly causing a collision. Keagan reacts pigheadedly by tailgating the other driver, disregarding Keith’s pleads to stop. After a respite from the adrenaline, their conversation is cut short by a loud siren as the tricolor police lights fill their car. What unfolds next is a familiar scene that we've grown too comfortable witnessing.

Cast & Crew

Kervin Marseille
William Leonard

Kervin Marseille
William Leonard

Kervin Marseille
Lilas Randrianarivony
William Leonard

Cinematographer: Justin Frabasile

Principal Cast: 
White shirt - Jelani Jeffries
Orange shirt - Romeo Willis
Male Officer - Reggie Altidor
Female Officer - Felicia Gorham