STEPS is the beautiful dramatic story about the shortcomings of a man whom after being robbed and shot fourteen years earlier, succumbs to a life of addiction and ultimately loses the love of his life and the gift of knowing his only child. After meeting a local pastor, Brian is forced to confront his alcohol addiction. But no sooner than things are on the upswing, we learn God has a lesson for Brian that begins to take shape the minute his volunteer work at the pastor’s church leads him to a job as a home healthcare worker. Upon meeting his first patient, Taj, the two men are unaware that their lives will forever be changed through this trying relationship.

Cast & Crew

Director: Jay Rodriguez and Rock Davis

Writer: Eddie B. Harris

Executive Producers: 
Shaquille O'Neal
Michael Baumgartner
Greg Ferguson
Michael Parris

Eddie B. Harris
Michele Baldwin
Deric Angelettie
Craig Douglas
Michael Harris (Associate Producer)
Rich Hall (Associate Producer)

Principal Cast:
Rob Morgan
Walter Fauntleroy
Robert G. McKay
Tia Dionne Hodge
Justin Kennedy
Darius Kaleb
Pauletta Washington
Eden Duncan Smith