TITLE VII (Clips & Conversation)


The CEO of Sanger International, an IT consulting firm, is powerful and successful Hillary Kelsey. Kelsey is a Black woman with no Black employees and no one can figure out why—until Darryl Montgomery, her 9:30am interview, enters the firm. On this day filled with an unbelievably awful morning that reminds Hillary of her “place” in a racially charged society, a pending account that could make or break the future of a company and a mystery man determined to turn Hillary’s world upside down, the events of the film TITLE VII illustrate why same-race discrimination can not only ruin a company, but possibly destroy lives.

Cast & Crew

Director: Nicole Franklin

Nicole Franklin
Craig T. Williams

Executive Producers: 
Stuart Films
...in collaboration with
Nicole Franklin
Sam Barden
Emelyn Stuart
Carl Gilbert, Jr.
Lisa Durden

Cinematographer: Cybel Martin

Principal Cast: 
Chicava HoneyChild
Fidel Vicioso
Brian Anthony Wilson
Cal Gladen
Maria Pusateri
Ariel Estrada
Celestine Rae
Beata Harju
John Crandall
Katie Carpenter
Lisa Durden