AKASHI (あかし)


Kana, a young Japanese woman is pursuing her dream in America. However her new lifestyle has made her emotionally distant and can’t seem to sustain a long term relationship. Her mother calls informing Kana that grandma passed away. As Kana returns home, she recalls her most intimate conversation with grandma. In their talk, Grandma is proud of Kana for leaving Japan. Kana argues it’s even harder to raise a family and sustain a marriage for a lifetime. Grandma tells Kana that their marriage was far from ideal, and reveals a secret which changes Kana’s attitudes on relationships.

Cast & Credits

Yayoi Hirano
Hiro Kanagawa
Linda Uyehara Hoffman
Mayumi Yoshida 

Director/Writer/Producer: Mayumi Yoshida
Producer: Phil Planta
Producer/DOP: Adam Van Steinburg
Producer: Nach Dudsdeemaytha