The Park Family suffers the consequences of untreated Mental Health Illness. They are thrown into chaos with the events that occurred with their son. - Inspired by a True Event.

Cast & Crew

Mark Daugherty
Yong Kim
Chris Yejin
Ami Park
Jessica Montville
Gillian Cooper
Jacqueline Marie Alberto
Justin Kress
Christopher Collins
Robert Shearer
James Han 

Director/Writer: Arnold Chun
Producer/Writer: Esther Moon
Executive Producer: Cecilia Choi
Executive Producer: Luci Kim
DP: Alejandro Lalinde
1st AD: Amy Kay
2nd AD: Jason Hedy
Composer: Samuel Kim
Make Up/Hair: MJ Lee
Production Designer: Alicia Minette
Costume Designer: Grace Yim
Sound Mixer: Vic Bouzi
Gaffer: Robert Olivea Jr
Production Coordinator: Susan Kim
Script Supervisor: Anna Moon
Set Decorator: Tiffany Jiwon Yoon
Editor: James Milton