High & Mighty


Lovable loser from the hood, Chelo Chavez, needs to get his shit together.  After surviving a vicious shooting unscathed, Marcelo “Chelo” Chavez discovers that he has superhuman powers. But only when he’s drunk or high. Meaning really drunk…and really high! With the help of his sarcastic lil’ sis and his homies Hugo and Pat, Chelo tries to find out how he got these powers…and what he’s going to do with them now. Will Chelo be the saviour of his Latino LA hood? Or just a bulletproof bum with a drinking problem?

Cast & Crew

Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada
Writer/EP: Cesar Mazariegos
Producers: Adam Hendricks, John H. Lang, Greg Gilreath
DP: Martim Vian
Prod Designer: Tyler Jensen
Editor: Taylor Brusky

Chelo: Jorge Diaz
Knotts: James Eckhouse
Angie: Shakira Barrera
Pat: Adam Zastrow
Luz: Chelsea Rendon