Toy (Khilauna)


Toys are often synonymous to a happy childhood. They allow Raju to build an imaginary world away from the misery of his poverty. However, these very toys are also the cause of a series of contradicting emotions in his mother, Sarita’s heart.

Cast & Crew

Om Kanojiya
Bhumika Bhosale
Shauryavir Agarwal
Riddhi Agarwal 

Director: Rajat Agrawal
Producer: Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 
Cinematography: Raghav Ramadoss, Rahul Chauhan
Music Director: Virendra Kumar
Associate Director: Avnish Barjatya
Editing: Rajat Agrawal, Vijay Sargade
Creative Associate: Nidhi Wahi
Sound Designer: Nasir Yusuf Khan
SFX Artist: Sanjeev Shrivastav
DI Colourist: Sanjay Gharat
Production Head: Anand Tharaney
Makeup: Sunil Sham Mestry, Nitin Sham Mestry