Based on a true story, “Mills” is an abused 12 year old graffiti addict who is losing faith in integrity. Tim Moellering is a humble middle school teacher and football coach in Berkeley California who believes that there is no such thing as a bad kid, only a bad situation. The two form an uneasy friendship when Tim recognizes Mills unhealthy behavior is merely a cry for help. Keeping his promise, Tim is willing to sacrifice his reputation, job and relationships in order win the child’s trust. But Mills cannot trust until he learns to trust his struggle first.

Cast & Crew

Dash Mihok
Lou Diamond Phillips
Lakeith Stanfield
Betsy Brandt
Gregory Kasyan as “Mills”
Sepideh Moafi
Marlyne Barnett
Karen Kahn
Allen Maldonado 

Director: Santiago Rizzo
Writers: Darren Anderson, Tim Moellering, Santiago Rizzo
Producer: Santiago Rizzo
Co-Producers: Debbie Brubaker & Steve Sarno
Composer: Dylan Mattingly
Cinematographer: Florian Stadler
Editor: Cami Starkman
Production Designer: Miguel Perez