Role Model


19-year-old Jason does everything he can to be a good role model for his brother Jordan. Years of hard work in the face of adversity have paid off, giving Jason an opportunity to go to college and help his brother do the same. However, everything suddenly changes, as Jason is forced to choose between letting down his family and breaking the law.

Cast & Crew

Kai Nugent
Josh McGee
Angela Ashton
Cristal Coleman
Cristobal Gonzalez

Director: TJ Noel-Sullivan
Producer: Marley Finley
Cinematographers: Gabriel Perez and Mila Dorji
Assistant Directors: Kezie Nwachukwu and Kristina Cuello
Production Designers: Amani Hill and Joe Lybik
Sound Department: Erin Choi and Kellen Silver
Composer: Jordan Plotner
Publicist: Jazzy Fisher