Sad Möbius


A high school girl and a prostitute meet at the outskirts of the city after their first online encounter at an illegal suicide website. Suh-Yoon the high school girl has a class 2 hearing impairment and Hyunji the prostitute is tied up in knots with financial debts and drug matters. Both are perfect stranger to each other. They decide to take suicide to end their untold miseries...

Cast & Crew

Director: Kiho Song
Producer: Kiho Song
Producer: Kang San Kim
Writer: Kiho Song

Cast: Ellen Kim
Cast: Lee Seul Ah
Cast: Ok Soon Jang
Cast: Hanmi Choi
Cast: KS Kim

Director of Photography: Hansol Lee
Assistant DP: Jung Guen Moon
Color Grading Advisor: Calvin King Herrmann

1st AD: Hoyong Kim
1st AD: Yea Ha Kim

Director of Audiography: Soo Yong Choi
Sound Design: Soo Yong Choi
Sound Mixing: Kiho Song
Art Design & Costume: Ji Yeon Lee

Editor: Kiho Song

Production Coordinator: Yoon Moon Choi
Production Design: Joon Lee

Grip: Young Ju Kim
Grip: Seungyeon Song