Search Party


Search Party is a short film about Donna Greene, a mother living in the Grant Housing (Harlem) projects, hosting a surprise party that is interrupted by an uninvited guest—the Police. The Police are on a manhunt looking for an unidentified suspect in the area. Unfortunately, Donna has a gut feeling that the man they’re looking for is also the honoree of the surprise party: her son, Sean. Donna fights hard to drive the police away, because she knows once she lets them take over the party both her life and her son Sean’s will be changed forever.

Cast & Crew

Donna: Rosalyn Coleman Williams
Sean: Brandon Michael Hall
Officer James: Benton Greene
Officer Kegan: Neil Holland
Peaches: Sharon Hope
Terrell: Travis Raeburn

Producers: Ryan Pederson, Kristin Frost
Co-Producer: Ellie Foumbi
DP: Andrew Ellmaker
Editor: Daniel Gross