SHINE exudes the power of brotherhood, love and redemption.

RALPHI MATAS returns to Spanish Harlem to develop commercial real estate in the Barrio he left behind after his father RAMON passed away. Ralphi encounters his estranged brother JUNIOR, who forces him to recognize everything he left behind. 

As Ralphi confronts his past, his tenacious boss LINDA pursues the lucrative development deal that threatens to dismantle his beloved Barrio and childhood memories. 

Ralphi is determined to reclaim what he has lost as a voice echoes in his mind: “we are connected from the very first beat to the very last echo.”

Cast & Crew

Jorge Burgos
Gilbert Saldivar
Kimberli Flores
Jadi Collado
Musetta Vander
Alysia Reiner
David Zayas

Producer: Anthony Nardolillo
Producer: Sandra Varona
Writers: Anthony Nardolillo, Corey Deshon & Ahmadu Garba
Director: Anthony Nardolillo
Co-Producer: Erika Sabel Flores
Co- Producer: Christin Scholten
Associate Producer: Jessica Ramirez 

Director of Photography: Pedro Avila
Production Designer: Luie P Garcia
Costume Designer: Stacey Jordan 

Additional Music: Bret Mazur
Music Supervisor: Paul Stewart
Original Score: Eduardo Reyes Napoles
Editor: Paul Buhl