Speaking Tongues


In many cities in Mexico, a big number of young people are getting devoted to the art of Rap.  They live for Rap and nurture from it. Who are these Mexican rappers? What do they find in this culture that society is not giving them? How has this intense relationship with words and language transformed them and helped them survive in this country that doesn’t offer any opportunities?

Cast & Crew

Director: Kyzza Terrazas
Producer: Carlos Sosa, Kyzza Terrazas and Laura Imperiale
DP: Alberto Anaya and Israel Cárdenas
Editor: Yibrán Assuad
Direct Sound: Emilio Cortés
Sound Design: Alejandro de Icaza
Cast: Tanque, Menuda Coincidencia, C-Kan, Jin Beast, Serko Fu, Tino “El Pingüino”, Aczino, Mike Díaz, etc. Among others