TALES: Trap Queen


Inspired by the lyrics of Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen,” this episode of Tales tells the story of devoted love: Crystal (Michelle Mitchenor) discovers that her boyfriend -- the love of her life – Reggie (Lance Gross), is running drugs out of the strip club they own together. Despite her initial hesitation, Crystal decides to join forces with Reggie in order to secure their dream future.

Cast & Crew

Michelle Mitchenor
Lance Gross
Jessica Parker Kennedy
J. Alphonse Nicholson
Bleu Davinci
Jermel Howard
Woody McClain
Holly Morris
Tammy Rivera

Executive Producer: Irv Gotti
Producer: Ron Robinson
Producer: Joy Kecken
Co-Producer: Darcell Bryant
Co-Producer: John Bryant
Associate Producer: Darien Baldwin
Line Producer / UPM: Les Franck
Director: Benny Boom
Writer: Sara Feinberg
Writer: Joy Kecken
Director of Photography: Tommy Maddox
Production Designer: Ry Small
Art Director: Matt Jones
Casting Director – LA: Leah Daniels-Butler
Casting Director – ATL: George Pierre
Costume Designer: Provi Fulp-Ramphal
Hair Department Head: Derek J
Makeup Department Head: Christelsie Johnson
1st AD: Marlon Wall
Script Supervisor: Aaron Rosendary
Sound Mixer: Serena Reichenbaugh
Location Manager: Christopher Askew
Stunt Coordinator: Mark Hicks
Post Supervisor: Kristen Walter
Editor: T David Binns and Tristan McClain