El Chata ( The Sparring Partner)


Although Samuel has plenty of talent to be a boxing champion, he seems destined to receive blows like a punching bag. Joe, his former coach, who is training a new prospect, decides to put him to test. Unable to feed his family and with temptations all over him, what he can only think about is getting back on the ring and prove himself and everybody else, that time in prison has changed him, and that he is determined to recover his family and win back his son affection.

Cast & Credits

Principal Cast
 Samuel………Alexon Duprey
 Susana……….Mariana Monclova
 Samuelito……José Gael Valentín
 Fabi…….Camila Monclova
 Papillón…..Modesto Lacen
 Joe…….Carlos Miranda

Director: Gustavo Ramos
Writer(s): Gustavo Ramos Perales
Producer(s): Gustavo Ramos, Carmen Diaz, 
Associate Producer: Annabelle Mullen
Cinematographer: Willie Berrios