Flavor of Life


Frank, a stern and self-respecting man who runs a struggling upscale Mexican restaurant named Hacienda Grill, has an unexpected visitor. His estranged grandson Albert has nowhere to go after serving a two-year sentence for a drug-related crime. After some initial friction between the two, Albert’s diligence and work ethic wins Frank over. Frank starts teaching Albert the wonderful art of Mexican cuisine and lessons in life itself as they struggle to keep their beloved restaurant open.

Cast & Credits

Principal Cast
Pepe Serna
Erick Lopez
Lorena McGregor
Roberto Sanchez
Eddie Martinez
Julia Vera
Rene Moran

Directed By: Rajesh Golla
Produced By: Rajesh Golla & Sandra Varona
Edited by: Dustin Brown
Cinematographer: Roberto Correa, A.M.C
Composer: Miles Bergsma