Frank and Lamar


Frank & Lamar are longtime best friends and black men who rely on each other to navigate the overwhelmingly white workspace of prestigious, progressive education. They struggle to explore their own personal growth while trying to help grow the minds of the youth they teach. From work obstacles to the pressures of maintaining relationships with the women they love, a time-honored friendship is put to the ultimate test: adulthood.

Cast & Credits

Anthony Gaskins
Carl Foreman Jr.
Iman Richardson
Daniel Le
Tessa Claire Hersh
Natasha Vaynblat
Evan Hoyt Thompson

Fred Soligan (Director)
Anthony Gaskins (Co-Creator) 
Carl Foreman Jr. (Co-Creator        
Zak Ray
Giovanni Colantonio
Sam Weiner
Katy Cecchetti
Devin Ershow