Hendrix dreams of hip-hop greatness, but he’s spiraling down a rabbit-hole of crime and poverty until he meets Doc, an old poet still haunted by his martial law past. Can they turn each other’s lives around before they’re swallowed by their circumstance? The film celebrates the power of verses. This movie is charged with music, rap and poetry expressing the era of violence in the Philippines today.

Cast & Credits

Principal Cast
Dido de la Paz
Chai Fonacier
Nor Domingo
Kate Alejandrino
Brian Arda
Thea Ystaroza

Director: Alberto Monteras II
Screenwriter: Njel de Mesa, Alberto Monteras II
Producer: Monster Jimenez
Line Producter: Kints Kintana
Cinematographer: Ike Avellana
Editor: Lawrence S.Ang
Production Design: Popo Diaz
Sound Design: Corinne De San Jose
Music: Jay Durias