The Announcement


A mother has to deal with the death of her son and the injury of her husband due to a random interaction with NYPD officers that went terribly awry.

Cast & Credits

Principal Cast
Mugga - Mother
Attika J. Torrence - Father
Infant - Dallas Mashariki Harvey
Toddler - Donavan C. Lambert Jr.
Boy - Trent Winston
Young Man - Domonique Byrd
Voice of D.A. - Alex Trierweiler

Director - Attika J. Torrence
Executive Producer - Anaya J. Torrence
Executive Producer - Migdalia Torrence
Cinematographer - Alexander Hankoff
Line Producer - Magdalena Albizu
Gaffer - Che Roacher
Key Grip - Nigel McKain
1st Assistant Camera - Nick Suttle