The Sentence


First-time filmmaker Rudy Valdez’s searing look at the devastating consequences of mandatory minimum sentencing through the lens of his own family. Cindy Shank, sister of Valdez and mother of three, is taken from her family to spend 15 years in federal prison for conspiracy charges. Rudy copes with the tragedy by filming his nieces for over a decade to capture the moments his sister misses.

Cast & Credits

Principal Cast
Cynthia Shank
Autumn Shank
Ava Shank
Annalis Shank
Adam Shank
Teofilo Valdez
Armida Mireles
Valentin Valdez
Virginia Valdez
Rudy Valdez
Marjorie Peerce
Tatjana Misulic
Eric Sterling

Director - Rudy Valdez
Producers - Sam Bisbee, Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Executive Producers - Thea Dunlap, Lance Accord, Wendy Neu
Cinematographer - Rudy Valdez
Editor - Viridiana Lieberman
Production Sound - Rudy Valdez
Composer -Sam Bisbee
Co-producer - Geeta Gandbhir, April Hayes
Written By - Rudy Valdez, Viridiana Lieberman
Additional photography - Megan Valdez
Consulting Producer - Perri Peltz, Jamie Lustberg
Assistant Editor - Eric Osman, Will Garofalo
Production Assistants - Megan Valdez, Alan Aja, Miguel Salazar, Camille Amezcua, Neil Knox, Tim O'hara, Phil Toh
Motion Graphics - Benjamin Fine