Three and a Half (Teen aur Aadha)


The story of one house in three different eras in three long takes. 50 years ago it was divided between a school and an apartment, in which a boy struggles with being compelled to share a tiny room with his paralyzed grandfather. 20 years later it becomes home to a brothel, where a young unexploited concubine is dealing with her self- proclaimed “first” client. Today the home belongs to a soul-stirring 75-year-old couple who suddenly remember that they are in love.

Cast & Credits

Principal Cast
Jim Sarbh
Zoya Hussain
Suhasini Mulay
MK Raina
Anjum Rajabali
Aarya Dave


Written and Directed by - Dar Gai
Produced by - Dheer Momaya, Anurag Kashyap
Cinematography by - Aakash Raj
Edited by - Sanjana Vasudevan and Shubham Mehta
Music and score by - Vivienne Mort