United Skates


At a time when our country feels painfully divided, and fly-over states are often overlooked, the story of a community crisscrossing our nation to celebrate what unites them, is more important than ever. Few are aware that roller rinks remain a segregated space in America. “Black nights,” referred to as “Adult Nights,” can be found in nearly every major city in the country, boasting vibrant music and skate scenes. From Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa and Naughty by Nature in New York/New Jersey to Dr. Dre in Los Angeles, roller rinks have and continue to be, a mecca for music and creativity.

Cast & Credits

Principal Cast
Reggie Brown
Phelicia Wright
Buddy Love
Dyana Winkler and Tina Brown
Cinematographers: Dyana Winkler, Tina Brown, and  Matthew Peterson, ACS
Editor:Katharine Garrison