What happened to Evie


Evie’s mother is worried that something has happened to Evie who has become nervy and withdrawn. When questioned by her kindly school teacher though, Evie convinces him that everything is fine. But her assertions are unfounded when we become voyeurs into Evie’s recall. From the moment four youths rush at her in a dark underpass, we witness through a series of clipped images the sexual assault - and finally, the gang scarpering - leaving Evie bloodied and damaged. But have we been deceived? When revisiting the scene from an alternative perspective we witness a very different reality.

Cast & Credits

Principal Cast
Bessie Coates, Michael Jibson, Sian Reeves, James Backway, Makir Ahmed, Duramaney Kamara, Joshua Lewis

Director: Kate Cheeseman
Writer: Carol Younghusband
Producer: Georgina French
Executive Producer: Stefan Allesch-Taylor
Co-Executive Producer: Charlie Kay
Cinematographer: Robert Shacklady
Composer: Sarah Warne
Editing: Kate Cheeseman, Sian Fever, Ben Scriven
Production Designer: Adriana Hervas
Costume Designer: Rebecca Duncan
Hair and Makeup designer: Carla Eve
Casting: Emily Jones
First Assistant Director: Lina Remeikaite & Joe Starrs
Focus Puller: Alex Howe
Clapper Loader: Hal Howe
DIT & Camera Assistant: Miles Shacklady
Script Supervisor: Lily Dong
Sound Recordist: Nathaniel Kastoryano
Boom Operator: Kyra Westman
Gaffer: Harry Johns
Lighting Technician: Jake Peters
Fight Director: Lisa Connell
Runner/Driver: Curtis McMullan
Sound Design & Mix: Jo Jackson
Digital Colourist: Claire Winter
Titles Designer: Shona Charlton