Be A Fish


Determined, 9 year-old Taylor buys a fish in order to practice how to swim for her “Big Day.” Her mother, Janel, has different plans and forces her to go underwater earlier then what Taylor expected. Unprepared, Taylor attempts to stop her mother but is ultimately forced to dive deep into water, resulting in Taylor learning how to cope and survive.


Principal Cast
Sydnee April Symone - “Taylor”
Janell Sexton - “Janel ”

Writer/Director: Aisha Ford
Cinematographer: Jess X. Snow
Producer: Rachel Gordon

Director’s Biography

Aisha is an award-winning filmmaker currently studying as a 3rd year graduate film student at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Over the past few years, she has created short films that have screened at multiple film festivals across the country. As a filmmaker, she will continue to cultivate her skills and create stories that embrace African Americans as human beings, while reflecting the complexities of her own lived reality as an African American woman.