Black Girl Church


Black Girl Church started off as a love letter to black girls, one of our safe spaces and the creativity that comes out of a place that is all our own. It turned into an intimate portrayal of some of the realities of black beauty and the dynamics of the black beauty industry, sharing a glimpse of what it’s really like for a black woman to exist in the world.


Principal Cast
Sesali Bowen
Marjon Carlos
Avielle Amor
Kelly Augustine
Leeza Jonee
Audrey Williams
Sade Ogunkeyede

Cinematographer: Joe Schaefer
Cam Op: Marissa Pina
Editor: Joe Schaefer
Colorist: Joe Schaefer

Director’s Biography

Marissa Pina is a director and producer based in New York City whose passion for storytelling intersects with her interest in centering POC and other marginalized communities. She got her start in journalism in Philadelphia where she learned that working with members of the community and sharing their stories was her passion. During the day she's producing at A+E Networks and at night she's working on personal projects.
Audrey Williams is a writer and journalist from Brooklyn, New York who's spent years working in the news and beauty industry. This project combined her passion for pure storytelling with the lifelong relationship she's had with the beauty supply store and black beauty.
Joe Schaefer is a 26 year old Cinematographer and Editor based in New York City with a passion for documentary storytelling. He started in Philadelphia documenting drug trade and graffiti and moved to New York in 2015. He's currently working at Complex Magazine and continues to feed his hunger for documentary filmmaking outside of his 9-5.