Brooklyn Park


Alone in New York, Somali rideshare driver Abdi begins his nightshift with the news of a tragedy back home. The faces in the backseat change as he wrestles, unable to connect, with whether the unthinkable can be true—until a vision provides the clarity he seeks. Poetic and lyrical, BROOKLYN PARK is a modern-day immigrant tale that explores alienation, grief, and transcendence.


Principal Cast
Rotimi Paul
Souleymane Sy Savane
Emma Geer
Abraham Makany
Antu Yacob
Kasey Buckley
Ty Jones
Cheikh M'baye

Screenplay: Elizabeth Rose
Story by: Elizabeth Rose & Nikola Duravcevic
Producers: Nikola Duravcevic, Emily Ziff Griffin, Stephanie Marin, Gerardo Coello Escalante
Cinematographer: Conor Murphy

Director’s Biography

Nikola Duravcevic arrived in the US in 1991 as a political asylee from the former Yugoslavia. He has made popcorn in a movie theater, worked as a doorman, been a national chess champion, and managed a successful investment fund. Most recently, he produced the documentary feature BREASTMILK and the forthcoming narrative feature 18 TO PARTY. BROOKLYN PARK marks his film-directing debut.