Brothers from the Suburbs


Brothers From the Suburbs is a short-form digital comedy series that chronicles the highs and lows of three black teens coming of age in a suburban, white, private school community.
‘BFTS’ observes the largely unexplored, uncomfortable incidents common to suburban minorities—from placation and fetishization to everyday micro-aggressions and worse. 'Brothers From the Suburbs' is a story about friendship, social and cultural integration, and the universal quest for teenage identity.


Principal Cast
Richard David - Free
Jalen Gilbert - Bone
Jerome Riley Jr - Davis
Tess Dinerstein - Michelle
Mickey O’Sullivan - Officer O’Malley
Janelle Snow - Paulette
Ryan McBride - Kevin
Josh Czuba - Shane
Matthew Chappelle - AE
Lureena Cornwell - Elise
Rachel David - Layla
Sophie Bolen - Kim

Writer: Patrick Wimp
Cinematographer: Ross Heran
Producers: Hamzah Jamjoom, Patrick Wimp
Executive Producers: Ted Reilly, Troy Pryor
Production Designer - Suzannah Ryan Linnekin
Editor - Christopher Oliva
Music: Jamal Afridi, Erikson Dockery
Production Manager - Madison Ginsberg

Director’s Biography

Patrick Wimp is an award-winning writer and filmmaker who has created films, commercials, and TV series all over the world. Pat is co-founder and owner of Digital Hydra, an Emmy-award winning production company that has created content for a list of clients that include Nike, Facebook, HBO, McDonald’s, and Netflix.
As a proud creator of color, Pat’s work focuses on creating emotionally impactful, commercially viable stories built around authentic and diverse characters.