Cheer Up, Charlie


Charlie sells weed to Manhattan's top class residents and sends the money home to her little brother, who takes care of their mother as she goes through breast cancer treatments. Charlie meets with her favorite clients, her bosses who adore her, and her jokester coworkers, one of which she is in a secret relationship with, all in efforts to get that check home on time.


Principal Cast
Kara Grace Miller
Daniel Davila Jr.
Mary B. McCann
Kelvin Summerhill
Ashley Marie Ortiz

Writer(s): Kara Grace Miller, Anthony Holiday
Producer(s): Kara Grace Miller, Soul Series Productions, L2G Productions, Carmen LoBue
Cinematographer: Alice Boucherie

Director’s Biography

Carmen is an Queer Afro Fil Am writer, director, producer, and actor. Her passion for social activism and working on creative projects that depict various womxn and lgbtqia perspectives is reflected in her body of work. Carmen is a 2018 New Legacy Maker Honoree (in collaboration with the Disruptor Foundation) for her commitment to dismantling societal injustice, while inspiring community participation through creative platforms. She’s currently featured in PAPER Predictions: 100 People Taking Over 2019.