In a neo colonial period, some criollas lead by Princesa Alba rebel and enter the casona (mansion) of their patrones (bosses) where Princesa starts a seducing game with various queer love interests. She with her criollas dance celebrating their new found liberty.


Principal Cast
Demian Hernández,
Alvaro Altamirano
Gastón Muñoz

Singer Songwriter : Princesa Alba
Director, Writer, Producer: Marialy Rivas
DOP, Producer : Francisco Obrador
EP Producer: Alba Gaviraghi
Dance Crew: Las Dillas
Dancer: Rodolfo Robles
Art Director: Pia Cerda,
Editor: Adela Altamirano,
Post Producer: Gabriel Cordero
Line Producer: Paula Catoni
Asist Director: Manuela del Piano
Styling: Paola Agulló / Memo Palavecino ,
Choreographer: Ana Albornoz
Make Up: Iván Barría / Melisa Nicitich
Management P.A: Camila Valdes

Director’s Biography

Marialy Rivas is a Chilean filmmaker. Her award-winning work includes two feature films “Young & Wild” and “Princesita”, and three short films: “Blokes”, “Melody” and “Desde Siempre”. Her work has played in various film festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, TIFF, Berlinale and NYFF. Rivas is a TIFF and Sundance Alumni and has directed TV shows and commercials.Rivas is produced by Fabula that won the Oscar in 2018 with A Fantastic Woman.