DC NOIR is a collection of short stories by novelist George Pelecanos set in Washington, D.C. In The Lovers, an adulterous couple plot the murder of the spouse who is on their indiscretions (dir: George Pelecanos). In String Music, a young man navigates the rough world of the city with help from a veteran patrol cop (dir: Gbenga Akinngbe). In Miss Mary’s Room, the loyalty of two friends is tested after a drug deal gone wrong (dir: Nick Pelecanos). In The Confidential Informant, a man fallen on hard times seeks redemption in one desperate heroic act (dir: Stephen Kinigopoulos).


Principal Cast
"Sgt. Peters" - Jay O. Sanders
"Tonio Harris" - Marcus Craig-Bradford
"James Wallace" - Wale Folarin
"Rollo" - Nathan Corbett
"Tim McGinty" - Henry Ayres-Brown
"Pat Sullivan" - Ben Matthews
"Mary Sullivan" - Judith Hoag
"Det. Brooks" - Gbenga Akinnagbe
"Bob Devane" - Aaron Dean Eisenberg
"Gina Sanderson" - Jaci Jones
"Verdon Coates, Jr." Thaddeus Street
"Letitia" - Joy Jones
"Marquis Roberts" - Anwan Glover

Writer: George Pelecanos
Producer: Kyle David Crosby
Executive Producer: Ginny Grenham
Cinematographer: Francisco Bulgarelli

Director’s Biography

George Pelecanos ("The Lovers") is a novelist, screenwriter, film & television producer, and recipient of numerous international writing awards. He's the author of 21 novels set in and around DC, and produced & wrote on HBO series The Wire, Treme, and The Deuce. 
Gbenga Akinnagbe, known for his powerful acting, stars in & has his directorial debut on DC NOIR ("String Music”). He is currently starring in HBO’s "The Deuce" as well as starring in the Aaron Sorkin adaptation of "To Kill A Mockingbird" on Broadway. Nick Pelecanos has his debut with the episode “Miss Mary’s Room.” His deft handling of the challenging subject matter is apparent throughout the episode. Stephen Kinigopoulos directed the powerful closer, “The Confidential Informant,” which features rising new talent Thaddeus Street (The Deuce).