Final Gift


Jason is a young entrepreneur from the streets who managed to go legit and distance himself from his shady past. His business collapses. He and his partner Eloise are expecting their first child. News of the pregnancy puts extra strain on Eloise’s relationship with her right-wing father. Their unborn child is diagnosed with a critical illness. Jason’s old crew reach out with a solution. He is forced to make a choice. The consequences are devastating.


Principal Cast
Alphonso Austin
Julie McLellan
Floret Fauna
Philips Nortey

Writers: Alphonso Austin, Mirinda Dawkins
Producers: Sian Jones, Mirinda Dawkins, Alphonso Austin
Executive Producer: Bob Holt
Cinematographer: Samira Oberberg

Director’s Biography

T. J. Kalunga Jones (Formally credited Terry Sam Jr), born in London, UK. A filmmaker with credits in writing, directing, producing and composing, debuted in 2014 with a 30-minute French-language short film set in France. 'With Love, My Darling' (2016) premiered at the 14th annual London Short Film Festival (BAFTA). Jones was later director/co-producer of romantic-comedy short 'Gooseberry Crush' (2016).
Jones will direct his psycho-social-horror feature, set in rural England later this year.