Finding Phoebe


Phoebe Jackson is a 17-year-old poet, trapped in the streets of West Baltimore in 1997. With her potential oppressed by an unstructured family, Phoebe clings to the only age appropriate thing in her life: her childhood friend, Joseph. Their moments alone help her battle her reality. As tensions rise at home, Phoebe straddles the line between becoming a victim of her circumstances and building a future with Joseph.


Principal Cast
Krenee Tolson
Jeremy Tardy
Javon Johnson
Jeanette Branch

Producer/Writer: Krenee A. Tolson
Cinematographer: Arina Bleiman

Director’s Biography

Sadé Clacken Joseph is a Caribbean-American filmmaker, photographer and singer-songwriter from the Bronx, NY. 
Sadé is dedicated to shining a light on underrepresented groups, particularly people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQIA community. From the Hebron Hills of Palestine, to the streets of South Central, the content she creates showcases diverse voices from all reaches of the globe. Through directing, writing, shooting, editing and producing, her portfolio extends across multiple forms of media.