Honey Bee


Honey Bee is an unpredictable tale of survival that follows the journey of an unlikely teenaged truck stop sex worker pulled from her ruthless and manipulative boyfriend-pimp and forced back into foster care where she discovers there might be more to life than the hand she’s been dealt.


Principal Cast
Julia Sarah Stone
Martha Plimpton
Steven Love
Michelle McLeod
Sofia Banzhaf

Director: Rama Rau
Writer(s): Bonnie Fairweather, Kathleen Hepburn
Producer: Sally Karam
Executive Producer: Damon D'Oliveira
Cinematographer: Steve Cousens
Editor: Michael Pierro
Composer: Casey Manierka

Director’s Biography

Award-winning filmmaker Rama Rau brings her strong voice, vision and global experience to a diverse slate (television, features and documentary films). Her latest film, The Daughter Tree had its World Premiere at Hot Docs 2019. Honey Bee, Rau's narrative feature won the EDA Award for Best Female Directed Feature Film at Whistler Film Festival. Rau is a pioneer for women's rights, employing all-female crews feature on League of Exotique Dancers (Opening film Hot Docs, 2016).