"If Not Now, When?"


Four friends, who met in high school and are bonded by an event, are suddenly forced back together fifteen years later, when one of them suffers a crisis. It's a story of love, forgiveness and the incredible bond between women


Principal Cast
Meagan Good
Meagan Holder
Mekia Cox
Tamara Bass
Valerie Pettiford
Lexi Underwood
Edwin Hodge
McKinley Freeman
Niles Fitch
Kyle Schmid

Directors: Meagan Good & Tamara Bass
Tamara Bass
Producers: Meagan Good, Tamara Bass, Sway Calloway, Datari Turner
Exec Producer: Victor Oladipo, Nieman Johnson, James Henderson
Cinematographer: Craig Dean Devine

Director’s Biography

Tamara's career began with a starring role in the critically acclaimed film "Bellyfruit". She also had roles in "Baby Boy" and on "Boston Public", "Moesha", among others. She co-starred in the holiday themed movie "Marry Me for Christmas". She wrote, directed and produced the short films "Exposure" starring Terri J. Vaughn and Malinda Williams and "Broken", starring Dorian Missick and April Lee Hernandez. Tamara created, starred, edited and co-directed web series "All That Matters."

An actress whose career spans 30 years, Meagan put Hollywood on notice with her career making turn in "Eve's Bayou", playing the eldest daughter of Lynn Whitfield and Samuel L. Jackson. Some film roles include "Stomp the Yard", "Think Like A Man" and "The Intruder", to name a few. She also toplined "Deception" on NBC and "Minority Report" on Fox. Meagan has directed music videos, a short film, and web series "All That Matters".