Jazz in Wakanda


Julie, French & African immigrant, and her daughter Jazz, 7, are on their way to see the Greek tragedy "Antigone." As they stop by to get a milkshake, the cashier points out Julie' slight accent. The comment not only causes discomfort to both mother and daughter but triggers a much deeper conversation around Jazz's recent uncovering: slavery.


Principal Cast
Djaka Souare
Jazz Hardrict
Zainab Jah
Sydney Morton

Writer: Djaka Souare
Producers: Djaka Souare, Ahmed Barbary
Cinematographer: Kaliya Warren

Director’s Biography

From African & French descent, born in Paris, Djaka Souare is an actress & producer who started in theater as a child. Writer & filmmaker, she recently directed her first short "Jazz in Wakanda"; and starred in 2019 TriBeCa FF winner Phillip Youmans' short film "Nairobi", produced by Solange Knowles. Djaka worked at Goldcrest/Saboteur for three years and was a producer on the NATGEO documentary "Hell on Earth", and on "I want my MTV."