King Ester


A transgender woman, from a tough neighborhood, fights to get out of New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina threatens to come to town.


Principal Cast
Rowin Amone
Janet Hubert
Angelica Ross
LJ Scott
Lindsey G. Smith
Martin L. Bradford

Director: Dui Jarrod
Dui Jarrod Executive
Producers: Angelica Ross, Dui Jarrod, Caralene Robinson, Ryan Robertson, Jon Mallow
Cinematographer: Partick Ryan Morris

Director’s Biography

Dui Jarrod is a screenwriter, director, and playwright residing in Brooklyn, NY. The creative’s project "Brooklyn. Blue. Sky." is the first acquired web series for His new series, "King Ester" is set to be released in 2019, as well a series entitled "Sauce" with BRIC TV. Overall, Jarrod’s work focuses on the power of human connection in the landscape of modern America.