Message Erased


Cindy wants to leave her friend a voice message after seeing a photo of her on social media with a mutual frenemy. However, she can't seem to get it right.


Principal Cast
Camila Perez - "Cindy"
Darlenis Duran - voice of "Katy"

Writer: Alain Alfaro
Producers: Alain Alfaro , Elaine Del Valle
Cinematographer: Taryn Kosviner

Director’s Biography

Alain is a writer/director based in New York City. His award-winning web series, HENRY, premiered at New York Television Festival earning him a development deal at Warner Bros' digital studio, Stage 13. In 2016 he was a finalist at Warner Bros' Emerging Directors Program. As an Editor for NBC’s 1st LOOK, Alain received several regional Emmy Awards and Daytime Emmy Award Nominations. His latest short, MESSAGE ERASED, will screen at the 2019 Urbanworld Film Festival.