OUTSIDE - Daniel Laurent


Touching on salient themes of gun violence, psychological trauma, and racial identity, OUTSIDE is a “nightmarish mirror reflecting our troubled times.” Fueled by powerful lyrics, provocative imagery, a meaningful message, and a hopeful ending, OUTSIDE will stir emotions and light a fire within. We must break the seemingly endless cycle of gun violence in our society. The power of music is one way to make this happen. Please join us in our campaign to promote and foster a positive and uplifting environment for today's urban youth. They are our future. Lead by example. Let's go.


Principal Cast
Daniel Laurent, Sr. - Hip-Hop Artist
Daniel Laurent, Jr. - Young Boy
Chief-Jasaad Rogers - Boy's Friend

Director, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer: Jeff Palmer
Camera A: Greg Mallozzi
Camera B: Derek Dellahunt

Director’s Biography

Jeff Palmer is an independent filmmaker based in Providence, Rhode Island. He earned an MFA in Cinema and Media Production, with a focus on Directing, at Boston University. Jeff's music videos, short films and screenplays have been selected at over 100 festivals, claiming dozens of awards & recognition to date. Exploring a range of styles and genres, Jeff's main goal is collaborating with actors and crew to capture emotional moments where truth and fiction intersect.