Prizefighter tells the story of legendary heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, the first African American heavyweight boxer to win the title and hold the crown, from 1908-1915. It spans the period between 1910 to 1946, recreating his infamous 'fight of the century' with Jim Jefferies, the great white hope, to his untimely death following a blatant act of racial discrimination at a secluded roadside diner. And touches on the tumultuous relationship with his first wife, Etta Duryea, whom was white, signifying the brashness of Johnson's character to blatantly defy such taboos and racist norms in early 20th century America.


Principal Cast
Keith David
Peter Macon
Nathan Ives
JB Blanc
Alesha Reneé
Eve Adam

Writer, Producer, Director: Lyndon J Barrois
Cinematographer: Keith L Smith

Director’s Biography

Lyndon J Barrois is an accomplished stop-motion and CG character animation expert whose career spans across a variety of animation and visual effects studios. He played a pivotal role in creating the spectacular groundbreaking visual effects of The Matrix series, Happy Feet and The Tree of Life, and The Thing prequel, resulting in his becoming a 2019 member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Visual Effects Branch.