“Maverick” comes home to the Bronx, after twenty-one years. Suffering from the traumas of abuse and neglect, that go hand-in-hand with our American prison systems, he's become a loner, hardened over his lengthy sentence. Layers of frustration and fear, lie underneath his heavy penetrating stare. He’s a changed man figuring out his place in a family he barely remembers, while dealing with the pressures of a changed world and a twenty-one-year-old daughter he doesn’t know.


Principal Cast
Ian Paola
Priscilla Star Diaz
Denia Brache
Caridad De La Luz
Edna Lee Figueroa
Grizel Del Valle
Omar Capra
Jonathan Iglesias
Ester Jiron
Peter Davenport
Robert G. McKay
Victor Cruz

Writer(s): Adel L. Morales
Producer(s): Adel L. Morales, Anders N. Berg, Gisell Cabrera, Ian Paola
Cinematographer: Lorena Durán

Director’s Biography

Adel, a former HS English teacher, quit his 17-year-career to pursue his passion for filmmaking. He entered the Grad Film Program at NYU in the Fall of 2012. During his time there, Adel produced twenty short films, seven of which he wrote and directed. He also produced two features, one being "Release," which he wrote, directed, & edited. His production company, HollyHood Productions has four more feature scripts and two TV pilots ready to go.