MAISY is desperate to find something—anything—that points to her purpose in life. Unable to get out of her pajamas or her relationship with BEN, so supportive he's boring, Maisy latches onto YVETTE, a life coach she follows on Instagram. Maisy is thrilled to receive the invite to Yvette’s women’s retreat at a luxurious compound in the wilderness. This is her time to shine. To look within. To find meaning. However, when Maisy discovers the compound is far from what social media advertised and Yvette is hardly the “second coming of Gwyneth Paltrow”, the retreat takes a sinister turn.


Principal Cast
Chelsea Rendon (series regular VIDA)
Kaitlyn Clare
Jakeem Hawkins

Writer: Audrey Ellis Fox
Producers: Audrey Ellis Fox, Lysette Urus, Reid Cox, Billy Fox
Marianne Williams
Editor: Cami Starkman

Director’s Biography

Audrey Ellis Fox is a writer, director, and producer of narrative and commercial content. A Los Angeles native, Audrey received her B.A. from Brown University. Her recent clients include Snapchat, Real Madrid, Warner Brothers Records, Atlantic Records, Hypebeast, Bose, and Republic Records.