Based on True Events; Jason, the oldest of two boys loves his home but battles with wanting to change the deteriorating community and the desire to leave it behind. Tension turns to anger as Jason and his brother John battle over the decision to embrace the drug culture while simultaneously endangering John's daughter. Her symbolic gesture will change the future of the family and change her father’s SUBSTANCE.


Director: Jamaal Bradley
Co-Writer: Michael Yates
Executive Producer: Bruce W. Smith, Ken Birdwell
Associate Producer: Amid Amid, Nicole Weinstein
Surfacing Supervisor : Nikie Monteleone
Modeling Supervisor: Mridul Sen
Rigging Supervisor: Dilip Lawani
Lead CFX Consultant: Eric Warren
Composer: Stephen "Bud'da" Anderson
Lighting Supervisor: John Huikku
Vocalist: Adolphus "Scottie" Scott III, Avery Sunshine

Director’s Biography

Jamaal Bradley is a Senior Animator at Valve Software and former Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation. For over 2 decades he has worked in feature film, video games, commercials, and directed video game cinema-tics. His passion for stories began at a young age finding an escape in comics and graphic novels. His love for stories based around true events shaped his animation over the years and even became an outlet for the challenges life.