Surina & Mel.


Surina & Mel are our first gen, metropolitan, modern day Laverne and Shirley. This story tracks the life of a fun, unlikely odd couple: Surina, who’s brash and non-committal, and Melanie, who’s straight laced and type A. While Surina zigs, Mel zags, but they work as friends because they pick up the slack of each other. And most importantly, they’re always there for each other. Together, they unsuccessfully navigate their lives as grown ups, one micro-aggression at a item.


Principal Cast
Melanie Chandra
Surina Jindal
Reema Sampat
Nik Sadhnani
Caitlin Mehner
Leighton Samuels
Nick Fondulis
Sam Kebede

Creators: Melanie Chandra, Surina Jindal, Sameer Gardezi
Writer: Sameer Gardezi
Director: Abi Varghese
Producers: Melanie Chandra, Abi Varghese, Atit Shah
Cinematographer: Lukasz Pruchnik

Director’s Biography

Abi Varghese is an Indian-American writer-director-producer who most recently directed Eros Now's Metro Park. He is best known for his series Brown Nation which is on Netflix. He is also the co-director of Akkara Kazhchakal a Malayalam sitcom that completed 5 seasons. Abi has an independent production company called Infamous Coconuts based in New York.
Created by: Melanie Chandra, Surina Jindal, Sameer Gardezi