The Birth of Deceit


A girl returns to her hometown only to find out that the fate of her parents wasn't what she originally thought it was. Along the way she befriends a woman who knows more than she's willing to let on. Ambar and her friend will have to fight for their lives to uncover the truth.


Principal Cast
Devin Richardson
Nessa Noel
Terrence Keene
Jennifer Silverstein
Dennis Scarfeo

Director: Yaw Agyapong
Executive Producer: Yaw Agyapong
Yaw Agyapong
Asst. Writer: Ella B. Lynn & Devon McCarthy
Producers: Devin Richardson & Dennis Scarfeo
Cinematographer: Jerry Aquino

Director’s Biography

Director Yaw Agyapong born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Long Island took up directing in 2013. Since then he's done 15 short films and as of recently just completed his first feature, The Birth of Deceit. He's just finished the script for his second feature titled In Money We Trust which will follow up in an even bigger fashion.