The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion


The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion takes a look at the journeys of fashion architect Misa Hylton and designer April Walker, among others, who grabbed a foothold in hip hop fashion and never let go. The film focuses on the cultural impact these talented women and Dapper Dan and Kerby Jean-Raymond have made in the fashion world, from iconic looks styled in influential music videos to their global cultural impact.


Principal Cast
Misa Hylton
April Walker
Dapper Dan
Kerby Jean-Raymond

Directors: Lisa Cortés, Farah X
Executive Producers
: Nina Chaudry, Rita Shukhman, Roger Ross Williams
Co-Executive Producer: Mary Nittolo, Kwesi Collison
Co-Producers: Hillary Cutter, Andrew Mer, Emil Wilbekin
Lisa Cortés, Andrew Mer, Farah X, Emil Wilbekin
Producer: Lisa Cortés
Cinematographers: Alice Brooks, Nausheen Dadabhoy, Jendra Jarnagin

Director’s Biography

Lisa Cortés is an Academy Award®–nominated producer and director. Her work has been distinguished by her commitment to empowering inclusive voices and for giving light to challenging, visionary stories.

Farah X is an award-winning director and editor. She has worked closely with music industry icons including Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and Prince.